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Private (2012)

The plot is an allegory about the Palestinian situation. A house in the West Bank, between a Palestinian village and a Jewish settlement, stands for the occupied territories.

A Palestinian family lives in the house — Mohammad and Samia with their three sons (Jamal, Yousef, and Karim) and two daughters (Miram and Nada). […]

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Budrus (2012)

Budrus (pronounced BOOED-ruse) is a village of about 1,500 inhabitants located between Ramallah and Tel Aviv on the Palestinian side of the Green Line. (Open with Google Earth or Googel maps.) When residents learn that Israel intends to build a separation barrier in the village, the film shows community leader Ayed Morrar organizing protests [..]

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One Family in Gaza (2012)

In the early morning hour of January 4, 2009, Israeli soldiers attacked the village in Gaza where the family of Kamal and Wafaa Awaajah had their home. When the entire three-week-long assault was over, 1,390 Palestinians had lost their lives. Kamal and Wafaa’s son Ibrahim was one of them. 3,540 homes were destroyed. Thirteen Israelis also died […]

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Salt of This Sea (2012)

Soraya, a Palestinian American from Brooklyn, travels to her grandfather’s homeland. While she could simply travel as an American citizen with a U.S. passport, she identifies so strongly with the Palestinian people that her interactions with Israelis cause continual problems for her. For instance, when asked her nationality and birthplace, she insists she is Palestinian, born in Palestine […]

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