Michael Sfard

Occupation & De Facto Annexation (Fall, 2021)

How the Israeli Gov’t Seizes and Controls Palestinian Territory

Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 2:30 pm ~ The Little Theatre ~ Admission: free

Note: The Present will be screened in the same session

2021 Documentary ~ 20 Minutes ~ English, some Arabic

Created by: Naama Shavit & Yoav Abramovich

Everyone’s safety is our first concern. Given that covid cases are still prevalent in our community, we require proof of vaccination and ID. You must wear a mask except when seated and eating or drinking. The Little Theatre’s management have told us that all Little staff have been vaccinated.

Leading Israeli human rights lawyer Michael Sfard explains the Israeli government’s decades-long project to settle Palestinian land on the West Bank, entrench permanent Israeli control, and prevent Palestinian self-determination and statehood.

He chose “four clusters of policies and practices that Israel has applied to the West Bank to show to you, to prove to you, that it is engaging in de facto annexation.”

  1. Demographic engineering (through settlements of > ½ million Israelis in the West Bank); 120 settlements; 100 outposts; olive trees harvested or cut down by settlers
  2. Infrastructure (roads, water, sewage built to support Israeli settlements and connect to Israel proper)
  3. Application of Israeli law to Israelis in the West Bank. Palestinians there are treated under Israeli military law
  4. De Jure annexation. Patchwork of laws dealing with specific situations

This documentary was produced by J-Street and is presented here with permission.