Liwan: a Story of Cultural Resistance (2023)

Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 3:00 pm.

This film will be shown in the same program as Coming Home and Hummus

Online only

Director: Doris Hakim

Producer: Adam Newby

Run time: 29 minutes

Language: English

Style: documentary

Year: 2021

Liwan: A Story of Cultural Resistance is about a “culture café” in Nazareth. It opened in 2016 when the old market of Nazareth was a no-go area, run down following an Israeli “redevelopment” project. Despite many difficulties, they opened, and many new cultural spaces have followed, driving a revival of the souq. They practice ‘cultural resistance’, organizing activities that focus on the Palestinian identity.

The Liwan café; run by co-founders Silke Wanner, Sami Jabali, and Sally Azzam; maintains a Palestinian presence in the old city for political tours, gallery, café, and a space to interact. E.g,

  • Mahmoud Yazbak, book presentation
  • Ruba Shamshum, concert
  • Great Book Robbery film
  • Jani Zoabi, Palestinian former member the Knesset

Music duo Haqy Zaarty, songwriter and guitarist; and Kevork Estephanian, percussionist