Program of shorts 2023

A Program of Shorts (2023)

Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 3:00 pm. EDT, 1900 UTC


Online only

Style: documentary

Overall Run Time: 1:29

Projection media: blu-ray discs

Tickets: free with registration

Coming Home

Co-writers/directors: Naim Naif & Margot Bowman

Run time: 9 minutes

Language: English

Style: documentary

Year: 2022

About Coming Home

Amer Abdelrasoul, leader of the Freedom Dabka Group, describes the group and what it means to his community living in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn). Debka, a folk dance from the Levantine region, represents Palestinian aspirations, struggle, and history. “Doing Debka is the closest thing I know to being back home in Palestine … Something that’s warm and filled with hope,” one of the dancers said. […]

Liwan: a Story of Cultural Resistance

Director: Doris Hakim

Producer: Adam Newby

Run time: 29 minutes

Language: English

Style: documentary

Year: 2021

About Liwan

Liwan: A Story of Cultural Resistance is about a “culture café” in Nazareth. It opened in 2016 when the old market of Nazareth was a no-go area, run down following an Israeli “redevelopment” project. Despite many difficulties, they opened, and many new cultural spaces have followed, driving a revival of the souq. They practice ‘cultural resistance’, organizing activities that focus on the Palestinian identity. […]

Hummus: a Story of Appropriation

Director/narrator: Lafi Abood

Run time: 51 minutes

Language: English, open captioned

Style: documentary

Year: 2022

About Hummus

Since the start of the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, the Israeli government has placed restrictions on the Palestinian population, which in turn has left them in an unprecedented time bubble. Using the cultural appropriation of the popular chickpea dip Hummus as a frame, the film chronicles the lives of some ordinary Palestinians in Jerusalem. Conditions in the city affect their lives such that they cannot mourn the past, live the present, or contemplate a future. Their very humanity is appropriated. In many ways, their lives parallel the fate of Hummus. […]