A scene from Junction 48

Junction 48 (2017)

Sunday, September 17, 2017 2:00 p.m.
The Little Theatre, #5
240 East Ave Rochester, NY 14604

Director: Udi Aloni
Film Type & Length: Narrative feature film, 97 min.
Language: Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles
Filmed in: Lod, Israel

Panelist: Director Udi Aloni will join us via Skype

The combination of politics and art has become a global movement. They act as a form of activism particularly for issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Junction 48 exemplifies the unification of politics, art, the entertainment industry, and the millennial generation’s take on issues the world faces today.

The movie tells a story of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the eyes of two young lovers that share a passion for hip-hop music, and live in the Israeli-Palestinian city of Lod.  Through the music they perform, the actors show the Palestinian community in Lod – one of poverty and crime. They show the oppression inflicted by the Jewish Israeli society, and the ways in which they overcome them.

Conflicts of all kinds, both internal and external, within the Palestinian-Israeli society are portrayed in this dramatic and romantic film. The director, Udi Aloni, is an Israeli-American film director, who aims to work with art, theory, and action, portrays the ongoing battle that the Palestinians face to this day.

The award-winning movie was co-written by Tamer Nafar and Israeli filmmaker Oren Moverman. It won an audience award at the Berlin Film Desitical in 2016, earned Best International Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and The New York Times labeled it a critics’ choice film. Sony Music Entertainment’s company, The Orchard, also bought the soundtrack of the movie.

Credits: Yara Jouzy/ Contributing Writer